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Since 1970, CYGYC BIOCON has been committed to research, constantly striving for perfection in our products. Our passion for enzymes and industrial hygiene solutions has led us to combine two areas of expertise to create products and services that are unique in the market.

Thanks to our extensive experience in enzyme production, we have developed highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. In addition, our ability to understand the needs of industry allows us to offer innovative solutions through biotechnology in multiple sectors.


Advanced solutions for an increasingly complex environment

We cooperate with our partners and customers by developing advanced and customised solutions to meet changing and increasingly demanding needs.

Our knowledge, experience and facilities allow us to be agile and flexible in order to offer quality, efficiency and safety in all our products.

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Committed to our society and planet

We deeply value the importance of being aware of the impact we have on the world around us. We recognise that our actions have an impact on the social, economic and environmental surroundings, and we therefore take responsibility for taking actions that contribute to shared value.

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